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Meet our Quaran-Team

With COVID 19, what I will now refer to as The 'Rona, we all have had to adjust our lives quite a bit. Here at cantiq, we are taking every bit of the Stay At Home order seriously. From closing our store (temporarily we hope) to enabling WFH (Work From Home) measures for all of our employees, our hope is to contribute as best we can to flatten the curve. Thats why I decided to take a minute to introduce you to the womxn behind the scenes, helping make and grow cantiq into what it is and what it's going to be.
DIY Cloth mask for COVID-19 (How to) | cantiqLA

DIY Cloth mask for COVID-19 (How to)

We’ve received a number of inquiries about how to sew your own mask at home, so we wanted to make this information as accessible as possible to all of you. Please keep in mind that these masks should be used in conjunction with social distancing.
Five Tips To Become A Better (Thirst) Trapper by Maddie | cantiqLA

Five Tips To Become A Better (Thirst) Trapper by Maddie

The art of the thirst trap is attempted by many, but perfectly executed by few. Just kidding, anyone is lucky to receive whatever juicy assets you are sending their way! Although Instagram crushes, Tinder matches, current, and past lovers are blessed to receive whatever you send their way there are still some tips and tricks to thirst trapping. During social distancing, thirst raps have become more important than ever because you most likely wanna show off those quaran-titties because what else are you up to?
Allright 2019. | cantiqLA

Allright 2019.

So we are almost into the fourth month of 2019. DEEP BREATHS because we literally moved our retail shop to a brand new location… wait for it… in under a month. Allright Collective had its grand opening February 9th and we are so pumped to share it with you! Featuring a rad group of LA made arti...
Your Open Closet | cantiqLA

Your Open Closet

  Heads up Canada clients- we are coming to a store near you! Started in 2017, Your Open Closet opened to offer body-positive lingerie for those who don’t fit the gender binary norms. Of course, we loved them right away and wanted to be featured with fellow inclusive brands. They also carry wome...
#tbt F*ck Victoria's Secret | cantiqLA

#tbt F*ck Victoria's Secret

It has taken me awhile to find the words to respond to @victoriassecret and their “fantasy”  Well, here are the only words that come to mind...F*CK your “fantasy” Some may find my use of expletives “unprofessional” but if fiercely standing up for my trans/plus/queer/disabled/curve/non-binary and yes, even cis-male, fam is considered “unbecoming” than so be it.