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Allright 2019.

So we are almost into the fourth month of 2019. DEEP BREATHS because we literally moved our retail shop to a brand new location… wait for it… in under a month.

Allright Collective had its grand opening February 9th and we are so pumped to share it with you! Featuring a rad group of LA made artists, makers, DIYers, and designers, the collective is bringing new life to Silverlake. You can find anything from illustrations, vintage finds, pins, bongs, pop culture candles, jewelry, and of course our handmade lingerie- plus so many more goodies from talented locals!

Allright is located at 3208 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California

Feel free to bring your dog. We love dogs. Do it.


For individual vendors, please check out their Instagrams below:                  

@goddessarmor                          @hey_puppy_la

@elevatejane                               @thecocktailhour_clothing

@waxandwanejewelry                 @reesabobeesa

@honeyandthehive                      @calliopecandleworks

@bummerdayss                           @helloharlot

@pamperedbypetal                      @shanti_wellness

@vivivanvette                               @lasirenashop

@standardthemes                        @house_of_who



March 30, 2019 — Bridgett Betka
Why the facelift? - cantiqLA

Why the facelift?

Hi! It’s us- the women of Cantiq Los Angeles!

I know we look a little different now, but it’s a good thing. Cantiq is about to hit its fourth year, and we wanted to liven things up a bit. I mean, we are pretty pumped about it. New website. New sizing. New us.

SO much has changed since 2015. We’ve expanded our straight sizes into plus sizes, carrying up to a size 3XL. Hello to our beautiful curvy ladies, we love you! And let’s not forget how we shook things up with our “more room” sizing for penis owners.

Yes, we said penis owners.

Without all of you, well, we would’ve had to close in 2016. Let’s just be honest. We just wanted to thank all of our customers, new and returning, for your ever-loving support for our brand. We will never stop creating for you.

Comment below with styles you’d love to see in the future!

December 03, 2018 — Bridgett Betka

Backstage at RAW Grandeur Fashion Show

Models (From Left) Sydney Ladd (IG @sydneyladd) Chelsea Conrad (IG @chelseaconrad) Melissa Kimbro (IG @melissamkimbro) Maria (IG @mariaroseyogi) Merissa Underwood (IG @merissaund) Andie Miller (IG @andie_miller) Ashley Pennington (IG @shleypennington) Aspen (IG @aspen_rado)

Models (From Left) Chelsea Conrad (IG @chelseaconrad) Aspen (IG @aspen_rado) Andie Miller (IG @andie_miller) Merissa Underwood (IG @merissaund) Maria (IG @mariaroseyogi) Sydney Ladd (IG @sydneyladd) Ashley Pennington (IG @shleypennington) 

 Models (From Left) Sydney Ladd (IG @sydneyladd) Ashley Pennington (IG @shleypennington) Aspen (IG @aspen_rado) Andie Miller (IG @andie_miller) Melissa Kimbro (IG @melissamkimbro) Hair by Rachael Brenner (IG @raaezor)

Model Merissa Underwood (IG @merissaund) Hair by Rachael Brenner (IG @raaezor)

Model Maria (IG @mariaroseyogi)

Model Melissa Kimbro (IG @melissamkimbro)

Model Andie Miller (IG @andie_miller)

Model Andie Miller (IG @andie_miller)


Hair by Rachael Brenner (IG @raaezor)

Make up by Veronica Sinclair (IG @veronicalsinclair)



March 23, 2015 — Chelsea Hughes

POP UP SHOP in Beverly Hills

Come check us out at Fabric Fashion Show's LIFESTYLE pop up shop this weekend!!!

February 23, 2015 — Chelsea Hughes

Take Off Presented by cantiqLA

Take Off by cantiqLA from cantiqLA on Vimeo.

cantiqLA presents Take Off
Wardrobe by Chelsea Hughes, cantiqLA 
Rader Film Productions
Written and Directed by Jordan Rader
Cinematography by Matt Maio
Starring: Sam Krumrine, Sydney Ladd, Britlyn Coleman, and Riley Spencer.
Makeup: Marie Shereman
Hair: Joanna Girratano
PA: Cameron Burrell 
Special FX: Eli Levine
Editor: Jordan Rader

February 19, 2015 — Chelsea Hughes