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#tbt F*ck Victoria's Secret | cantiqLA

#tbt F*ck Victoria's Secret

It has taken me awhile to find the words to respond to @victoriassecret and their “fantasy”  Well, here are the only words that come to mind...F*CK your “fantasy” Some may find my use of expletives “unprofessional” but if fiercely standing up for my trans/plus/queer/disabled/curve/non-binary and yes, even cis-male, fam is considered “unbecoming” than so be it. ✨ It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to shoot my beautiful friends @annarosekrone and @miiahgoddess this past weekend, that I found the words to respond to this ridiculous campaign brought on by @victoriassecret. I can’t even begin to imagine saying no to someone that just wants to feel sexy. I can’t imagine excluding folks from enjoying something I, myself, love so much, #lingerie 👙 I can’t imagine getting in the way of someone trying to live their #truth. I have had the pleasure of meeting some really beautiful souls and hearing about their journeys in finding their truths since starting cantiq; from just being able to feel lace on their bodies without being judged or having to clip/tuck or tape themselves, all the way to hearing about the changes that come along with the transition process. I look at these folks and am forever in awe of their endurance and strength, coming against societal norms to feel comfortable in their own skin, a right we should all have and embrace. In short, cantiq loves you, I love you and you will never be erased...not on my watch


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