most of our orders are handmade to order.

Size Chart

What’s your body geography?

As we know, buying lingerie is tough without trying it on!

So here are some guidelines when trying to find the perfect cantiqLA bralette:

  • XS: Fits an A/B Cup, band resting: 23"  band stretched: 36"

  • S: Fits a B/C Cup, band resting: 25" band stretched: 38",
  • M: Fits a D/DD Cup, band resting: 27" band stretched: 40",
  • L: Fits a DDD, band resting: 29" band stretched: 42",
  • XL: Fits a E/F, band resting: 31" band stretched: 46”,
  • 1XL: Fits up to a F/G, band resting: 32" band stretched 48"
  • 2XL: Fits up to a G, band resting: 34" band stretched: 50",
  • 3XL: Fits up to a H, band resting: 38" band stretched: 52”
  • 4XL: Fits up to a I, band resting 39" band stretched: 54"
  • 5XL: Fits up to a J, band resting 40", band stretched 56"
  • 6XL: Fits up to a K, band resting 41" band stretched 58"

Remember when sizing your lingerie, the amount of stretch the band can handle is directly correlated to how small or large your cup size is! So, if you have a large cup size but a small band, you might want to size down to avoid it being too baggy or loose!

One of our main goals has been size inclusion, so we bring both Plus and “More Room” sizing; Plus is for our Magestic Mountains and More Room for our Stalagmites (Penis Owners)

First size is based on Numerical (US) Sizing, Second size is based on Inches (US) Sizing (Denim)

  • XS: Size 0 / More Room 25-26”
  • S: Size 2/4 / More Room 27-29”
  • M: Size 6/8 / More Room 30-32”
  • L: Size 10/12 / More Room 33-34”
  • XL: Size 14/16 / More Room 35-36”
  • 2XL:  Size 18/20 / More Room 37-38”
  • 3XL:  Size 22/24 / More Room 39-40”
  • 4XL: Size 26 / More Room 41"
  • 5XL: Size 28 / More Room 42"
  • 6XL: Size 30 / More Room 43"

If you have any additional questions about sizing, please feel free to email