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Fuck Around Find Out - Glass Bottle Matches

$ 15.00

Size Guide

CantiqLA pieces are made with super-stretchy materials, so it’s possible that more than one size will work for you. Check out our full size guide for charts and tips to find your perfect fit.

CantiqLA styles with “Genderfluid” in their name have extra room built into the crotch area. They provide more room for a penis, packer, etc. but are otherwise the same style and waist size.

For extra help, send us your measurements at

Color Guide

We are working on expanding our product photos so you can see every color on every model, but we’re not quite there yet! In the meantime, you can take a look at these images to see which colors are available in both lace and mesh.




This product is unavailable
Challenge accepted? Get ready to play with fire, quite literally. For the daring souls ready to embrace the unexpected. Light the wick of adventure, but remember – you've been warned.
  • Dimensions: 1.84 x 4.75
  • 1.8oz Glass Bottle with Gold Lid
  • Contains 40qty Wooden Matches
  • Striker on Side of Bottle for easy strike and light
  • Matches are available only to United States Retailers at this time due to international shipping constraints.