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Cancun Kick | Best Cocktail Infusion Kit | Spicy Margarita

$ 25.00

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Our Cancun Kick is a take on the Habanero Margarita. This  infusion Kit is the ticket to a perfectly balanced blend of heat and sweet. Revel in the fruity, fiery habanero pepper heat that pairs perfectly with the zesty, citrusy notes of a classic margarita. But why stop there? Lou's Libations' flexible infusion kits also work wonderfully with mocktails, adding just the right dash of flavor to any beverage you create. Carefully crafted and packed by artisan hands, these kits ensure a robust flavor infusion that will tantalize your tastebuds. Kick the ordinary to the curb and embrace the extraordinary flavor of Cancun Kick, because every sip should be an adventure!

What's Inside: Pineapple, Orange, Lime, Kaffir Lime, Habanero Infused Sugar & Lime Infused Sugar

Taste Like: Spicy Margarita

Jar Instructions:

  • Fill your jar with tequila, mezcal or vodka.
  • Refrigerate for 4 hours or up to 2-3 days for full flavor.
  • Shake and strain. Serve over ice with 1-2 ounces of your favorite mixer. (Club soda or pineapple favored sparkling water are our favorites!)
  • Makes 8-10 servings. Use within 1 year. Keep refrigerated.
  • Alcohol not included.