The art of the thirst trap is attempted by many, but perfectly executed by few. Just kidding, anyone is lucky to receive whatever juicy assets you are sending their way! Although Instagram crushes, Tinder matches, current, and past lovers are blessed to receive whatever you send their way there are still some tips and tricks to thirst trapping. During social distancing, thirst traps have become more important than ever because you most likely wanna show off those quaran-titties, what else are you up to? (Stress eating cheese and joining free online seminars at Harvard while also watching TV)
There are so many things to consider from the trapping equipment you’re working with (wow, that can imply so many things, but I am talking camera options), lighting, if it’s worth getting out of bed for, do I have clean underwear, is my NSA agent watching this, do I have Windex for a mirror thirst trap? We are out of Windex. If you’re new to thirst trapping or just want to improve your skills, the tips and tricks below will help you master the art of it or at least get one decent photo to send to the masses.
  1. Trapping Equipment & Supplies
Let’s talk trapping supplies. First and foremost, what are you wearing to the big reveal? Thirst traps are the perfect opportunity to show off your lingerie collection that no one will see in quarantine. Besides lingerie some other options include swimsuits if you have an outdoor location to work with, swimsuits also work just wherever really if you bring the right energy, a cute outfit, and the most experienced can thirst trap a sweatsuit. Thirst traps in Cantiq are always great to work with because it’s fun, but also comfortable because you may be getting a workout holding poses. Don’t be afraid to pull a news anchor which is thirst trap top and sweatpants on the bottom.
(the news anchor)
After you figure out what you’re wearing or not wearing ;), it’s time to location scout. Maybe you live in a big luxury house with a clawfoot bathtub, a pool, a hot tub, and more than two rooms. But if you’re anything like me you’re working with a small bathroom and poorly lit bedroom. That’s ok, trap with what you have! Bathroom mirror, full-length mirror, and that random chair you throw laundry on. Get to know your locations to set your traps and get your money’s worth out of them.
A phone is all you need to to get a good thirst trap, but you can take it next level with a polaroid or even an actual camera. It really depends on your level of commitment and artistic direction.  
  1. Choose Your Thirst Trapping Style
There are five essential styles of thirst trapping and you may dabble in all of them. Something to keep in mind when deciding how to set up your trap is who you are setting the trap for.  Your boo, your crush, someone who thinks they’re your crush but you just use them for attention, the general public, your finsta, etc.? Maybe all of them and goddess bless you for balancing that all.  
The Mirror
What you see is what you get. As long as you have some Windex or are okay with people knowing you rarely clean your mirror (me), the mirror is a great and EASY option. You can work it from the front or the back. This is also a great one because you can show off body and face with minimal effort. Or all body and no face! The Mirror says, “oh, I just happened to be looking this hot as I passed this mirror and I thought you should know.” Let them know!
Be your own Instagram photographer with The Self-Timer. Put together a vignette and get your lighting on with the self-timer on your phone camera or regular camera. This thrist trap style allows you to practice the poses you’ve seen the Kardashians doing in their family photos. The Self-Timer says, “thirst traps are my art, welcome to my museum.”
The self-timer. Very few are deserving of being trapped this way.
We all love and hate the selfie, but we all know a fire one when we see one. Bring your best face forward and a little bit of this energy 🥺 and this mood 😏. Pop a little clavicle, show off a little bra strap, or use this option if your room is so messy your face is the only thing you can show off. The Selfie thirst trap says, “you’d be lucky to kiss this face, hunny. I bet you’re thinking about kissing me now 🥺😏, aren’t ya? Hehe.”
Selfies are a great way to lay a trap for the masses and see who takes the bait.
The Bath Bub can take on a few forms and yield great results. The Bath Tub can either be taken with a self-timer (from the toilet, let’s be real) or of your legs casually perfectly resting in the bathtub surrounded by bubbles and some candles. You can really take this one next level if you have a friend who can take a bathtub photo for you because now you have an arty bathtub thirst trap. The Bath Tub says, “I’m hot and clean.”
Sometimes photos just aren’t working, which is when you can turn to The Video. This can be done as a selfie, mirror, or self-timer thirst trap situation. Just edit that sh*t down to the best part and post or send away to your lovers or potential lovers or that weird person you’d never actually hook up with, but love attention from. The Video says, “ooh la la.”
Inception Thirst Trap
The Inception Thirst Trap is truly my favorite. This can really be done with any of the aforementioned styles but works best with a friend to help you out or at least some very good lighting. If you aren’t familiar with The Inception Thirst Trap it’s where you are just looking so undeniably hot in a great location that those you wish to trap will be unable to resist when you post to your feed or story. This is also an opportunity to tailor your thirst trap if you have an intended target. Maybe they’re a nerd, great, add some books to the shot. This one says, “oh, wow, yeah I am getting so many DMs right now and heart-eye comments.”
  1. Don’t Forget To Use Some Bait
Setting the mood is key to a great thirst trap. You gotta be feeling yourself or at least pretend to for this 5-minute thirst trap taking adventure. Some great ways to set the mood are to find that light, play some music (I love Daniel Caesar), and frantically throw your clothes in the closet. Get in the right headspace to be your highest hoe version of yourself or maybe you’re going for a 2005 cam girl vibe or maybe, just maybe, you are going for this deserves to be in a museum. Personally, I have smart lights that do all of that for me.
Most importantly, set the mood by know you’re sexy AF and get to working those poses.
  1. Set Your Trap
After struggling to find your light, abandoning hope, a location change, and you're back starting to ache from a weird thirst trap post, you will get at least one guaranteed fire thirst trap or sexy selfie. Yes, you may have to take 107 photos and run out of space on your phone in the process, but it will be worth it for that one beautifully perfect thirst trap. If you look through your camera roll and don’t find anything you like then take a step back and DETACH from your artwork. Come back to your beautiful work after a few minutes with a fresh set of eyes and you’ll find at least one good thirst trap. Don’t be afraid to use crop and throw a filter on it. This is your trap, follow your vision! Or just use an old thirst trap. Totally fine.
I will never be able to understand how to do a mirror trap.
  1. Trap Your Prey
Reap your rewards! Ultimately, thirst traps are about feeling yourself (okay, and getting some well-deserved attention) so do what you gotta do get in the mood. Who knows you may look so good that your thirst trap yourself and don’t even send the photos to anyone. Turn your thirst traps into a creative expression or don’t and just send whatever, either way, people will be excited to see them or receive them because you’re hot!
-Maddie Silverstien, @chunkyandfunkymaddie
April 12, 2020 — Chelsea Hughes


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