Lingerie Mist No. 1 Lingerie Mist No. 1

Lingerie Mist No. 1

$ 15.00
When you read the care instructions of your handmade bralette, do you let out a sigh when your eyes gloss over "hand wash only"? Well now we have teamed up with Little Shop of Oils to bring you a Anti Microbial/Bacterial Lingerie Mist, tested on each of our cantiq Laces, that will allow you to stretch out your time between washes. Scented lightly with organic essential oils, our Lingerie Mists are sure to keep your bralettes fresh
  • Made with organic and high quality ingredients
  • Made by hand in small batches in California 
  • Includes gemstones infused under each full moon
  • 2 oz glass bottle

No. 1 ingredients: +ionized PH balanced quartz infused water +colloidal silver +sandalwood floral water +amber essential oil +sandalwood essential oil +cedarwood essential oil +douglas fir essential oil +grapefruit essential oil +vanilla absolute +liquid leucidal +clear quartz +onyx